bio - Dana Brett Photography

Dana Brett has a talent for blending organic elements of photography with fantasy (Artography).  Dana uses intense color and themes to create unique images of the  world.  By exploring the interplay of our perception of natural elements, the often unnoticed realities come forward for your consideration.  He does this by using a technique he developed of layering different photographic images as a foundation and then using a digital canvas called a Cintique to hand paint additional layers into the image.  This creates a new perspective which triggers emotion and provokes conversation.  As a commercial photographer, he brings a creativity and fun to his shoots which translates into amazing images.  Dana has created pieces for business and entertainment giants.  In his metal shop, Dana creates sculptures from stainless steel and other materials some of which can be viewed on this site.

"How about something different?"

Rapper Pitbull picks up his original canvas

Wait for it....

Dana signs original in collectors home

Rain Forest Photo Expidition

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